Bridal Tips!

Congratulations on your ENGAGEMENT!!!!

Unless of course your one of us many women who are planning way in advance, and although he hasn't put a ring on it yet, your ideas of it happening are leading you to blogs like this!

Heres my top tips for your BIG day... 

  • Having your hair and makeup done on the most important day of your life, is not only essential for the obvious reasons such as, a stress free morning, but for many other reasons. For example, There are many products which contain a high SPF, which on your wedding day is a big no one wants to look like a ghost due to the flash photography! ALSO, who wants to be worrying if your eyelash is stuck on correctly or is it going to dwindle down your face as the evening progresses? 
  • If you can't afford to have a makeup or hair stylist, get a lesson in, Learn tips and tricks to create that perfect bridal look, Contact me for more information.
  • Always get your bridesmaids to carry a handbag with your essential emergency bits in...This includes, a powder (Translucent/mineral) your lipstick/gloss, Bobbie pins, small hairspray and plasters...never forget the plasters! 
  • If your photographer is coming in the morning to take pictures of you having your makeup done/hair styled, ensure you time it well with your Makeup artist. If you have a large bridal party, ask your lead makeup artist to write you up a timetable so you can time it well with the arrival of the photographer.  
  • Have a trial. ITS ESSENTIAL! And if your bridesmaids can afford it, ensure they have one too. This is your big day, so focus should be on you. Your bridesmaids have to look and feel beautiful too, however the morning of a wedding can be time limited, so your hair and makeup artist needs to work fast. Some looks, especially on Pinterest are normally unrealistic...All images online are edited now, and most hair looks are created with high amounts of hair extensions, on your big day we don't have time to explain and relook for styles. So if your bridesmaids can't afford a trial, at least send pictures of ideas and the bridesmaids, then we can ensure the look will work!
  • If you are going to be wearing a veil or head dress, practise wearing it around the house...when the fiancé isn't in of course. They can often feel alien and you want to ensure it is comfortable your whole day.
  • Don't have a look which, either makeup or hair which isn't you. So many brides look back and don't see themselves in the pictures. You want to look the most beautiful version of yourself, if you always wear your hair down, have it down on your day, but have your artist style it to enhance  your natural beauty. 
  • Hair up? Wash your hair the night before. A non squeaky clean head styles a hell of a lot better than a freshly conditioned hair. Consult with your stylist at your trial if you will need to do this for hair down. 
  • LASHES....Even if you never wear lashes, ask your artist to try them on your trial date. Even a small amount of individual lashes can open up your eyes and create a huge difference to your look. 
  • Before your trial, asses your skin type. Your artist will discuss this with you at the beginning of your trial. You skin type will determine the makeup process and the longevity of the application. 
  • Teeth whitening can really make the world of difference to your pictures, however some of these toothpastes are brilliant and really do make a difference! Your going to be smiling all day so you may aswell! 

More tips and tricks to be revealed on your bridal trial, we look forward to meeting you and making you look the most beautiful version of yourself. For more information on booking your trial or any further questions CLICK HERE

Love Alice x