I envy girls with freckles. Every single girl I've ever met with freckles doesn't like them.. I think that's so sad, but us girls have a terrible tendency to never be happy with what we've got. I say embrace your "imperfections" because I can guarentee the next girl will wish she had what you've got, saying that, I'm the worst for it always wishing I had better "something", but anyway.... 

SS16 is only around the corner... hopefully you read my featured blog on fashion heaven.

I wrote about my fave SS16 looks and one of my ultimate fave looks is the faux freckle! 

So today since sunny England gave us a lovely bright day, I got into the summer spirit and gave myself the sunkissed glow, hung out my window and developed some freckles!!!  


No filter! It's that sunny! 

No filter! It's that sunny! 

This is look is so simple to do.


Do your normal makeup look, grab that highlighter and ensure you are glowing!!! Then grab your eyebrow pencil and lightly dot across your face, once you have done one layer, get a sponge and lightly pat over the freckles. This will make them fainter and more realistic, then repeat again, and again until you have the desired effect. You want some lighter than others for a more realistic look! You can go as freckly as you like! 


Show me your takes on the look @abkmakeup 💋