Bowie passing was such devistating news, not only because he was a inspiring musician but because of his power and impact on fashion. He was what I’d call a true artist. 

I was introduced to Bowie from inside my mothers tummy. She is part of the David Bowie fan club…she’s a true fan. Such a huge fan that when she visited America, whilst he was staying there, she wrote to him and I believe asked him out for lunch! Bless her. Unbeknown to her, my dad, who isn’t the most romantic of men, did the most lovely thing….sort of. Knowing she was unlikely to get a response my dad (Bowie) arranged for  My mum and her friend to be picked up in a limo and told that David Bowie had booked it for her…my dads good with accents! Dream come true.

Our dog is also named after David Bowie…she’s not called David or Bowie because that would be stupid…she’s called Ziggy Stardust. Guess it’s better than my little sisters choice in pet names. When we were younger she called her little ginger cat Barry Evans, you know the one who killed that girl by pushing her down a hill in Eastenders…always fun when they call them out in the vets. 

Thank you mum, even though I used to moan when you used to play his albums on repeat, for introducing me to an artist that will always inspire me to be who I want to be.