Every morning we clean our faces, wash our bodies and put our makeup on. Right? 

Wrong. Unless you have already taken the step to having only clean products on your shelves and in your makeup bags, then you are potentially Putting harmful chemicals onto your skin every single day…yup they are not all they say they are!

You wouldn’t eat takeaway after takeaway, (well we probably would if we could), but we know what foods are good for you and what foods are bad for you so we eat accordingly…most the time. And this is the way I look at our skincare products at the moment. A majority of our products that we use daily should be clean products, and the ones we use at the weekends or special occasions can be a little dirty…

Therefore my professional makeup kit consists of a a wide variety of brands. Clean and “naughty”. Don’t get me wrong, I still love certain “naughty” products which I probably would never switch out, but my personal makeup bag has the clean factor. Or atleast most of it does! I decided I would let you in on makeup bag detox secret.

If your thinking it’s probably time to have a makeup bag detox, my secret is this, start with the first thing you apply. This is the first point of contact with the skin and will make a difference as the years pass.  SKINCARE, so this is your face wash, moisturisers, toners and primers. If you can at least switch this to start with, your on the road to a better life for your skin. Then ensure you get a paraben free foundation, cc cream or tinted moisturiser as this is going to be all over your face (in most cases) and you don’t want all your hard skincare routine to be broken! 

My absolute favourite is Arbonne, I even became a independent consultant for it because the products are so great. The products are Swiss formulated, so they are ultra ultra premium, but due to being sold by independent consultants they are so much cheaper than they would be if they were in the shops! Yay! The products are all plant based and vegan certified! Even the protein shakes have no whey in them and work a dream! They don’t just do skincare and makeup! It’s fab,Check this dude giving the detox a try,  After just 34 days!

Anyway, back to makeup…as previously mentioned, I use Arbonne in both my professional kit and personal, especially since doing my makeup bag detox! And always use it for skincare, people are a lot less likely to be allergic to natural based products, and that always helps! If you can start with just one thing, start with skincare, then move to foundations. If your like me and can’t resist a Urban Decay palette, or a Bobbie Brown shimmer brick. TRUE LOVE. Then keep them, focus on the most important components. Always make sure that what you put onto your skin is of the same quality as what you put into your body. Remember, you wouldn’t eat McDonald’s every day, so don’t put chemical/naughty products directly onto your skin.  

Oh and they have the best makeup brushes which come in a set, with a cute case and they are SO CHEAP, such a great gift!

If you want some help with your makeup bag detox get in touch!