Well I certainly had my London Fashion Week cherry popped. At times I loved it and other times I wasn’t sure this was for me at all. But guess thats the beauty, excitement and thrill of LFW.

There were only two shows this season for Sharon, other seasons have consisted of a LOT more than that but I think for my first season it was perfect. I really got to see the diversity of different designers and the vibes if them both.

In the days leading up to the shows I helped Sharon prep and make sure she had everything she needed along with her first assistant Lucy. 

 I enjoyed both the tests and shows. For me I love how everything comes together at the end and the final result really is incredible when you realise all the hard work each sector has put into it and how it somehow amongst all the caos comes together at the end and looks sickkk! :)
Sharon took me along to the makeup/hair and nail test/castings aswell as the shows so I could see the development of how it all pulls together. Going to both the Osman and Ashish Studios were fab, to see the comparisons and the different vibes each designer had in order to create their designs.

The Ashish test was the first one I went to, and what a way to start my first Fashion Week. I am all for sparkles and happiness and that is exactly what the Legend himself and his stylist Anna create. Absolute gorgeousness. Sharon created a beautiful sequin look on the eyelids using 3-4 different coloured sequins. Using Maybelline products Sharon practised a few different variations of the makeup look.  The look was based on

“A skater girl who had a liaison in a sequin factory”-Ashish.

 And it was beautiful.

Later we went onto Osman instantly the vibe was alot different. The whole design is just a completely different level, Ashish is sparkle and funk, whereas Osman is more Bohemian Lux. Osman had decided for one of the outfit looks he wanted body paint across the models chest. Sharon created a wide variation of colour/shapes and designs. This look was to be teamed with a red long skirt which was just beautiful. In the end the decision was made to have a ‘censored ‘ type black brush stroke across her breasts. 

The following morning, we went back to the Osman studio fuelled with a good nights kip and alot of green tea for the makeup test. Compared to the Ashish test, the makeup was super simple and fresh. A classic no makeup, makeup look which in some cases takes longer to perfect than a more creative design, it really does show off a makeup artists skill..

Osman Show

The show itself was an absolutely fabulous sucess. I just dont have any decent BTS photos to prove it. Basically cut a long story short, I lost my phone just before the show! NIGHTMARE! But was told- “whats fashion week without a cockup?” Sharon gave me her phone but I think my 4 year old cousin could have done a better job, I even surprised myself at how shocking the images from Photography graduate could truely be..(she did have a samsung though, I blame the odd technology…)

The sleekness and beauty of the clothes really really inspired me, amongst my flurry of loosing my phone the collaboration and organisation of every individual working together gave me a real buzz. Honestly seeing the whole transformation, from beginning to end of the show, how every single person backstage contributes to this production is truly remarkable!

The girls on the team were just great, really helpful for me being the newbie and was fab to be involved.


Ashish Show

The next day was the Ashish show. I arrived at Sharons a few hours before the show to sort out the kit and make sure she had everything for the day. I had already promised myself that today there would be no dramas that day and I was going to be 100% myself and not let any anxiety get to me. ITs safe to say the best cure is a smile and keeping busy. I LOVED IT. I had such a fab day, the vibe was so upbeat, friendly and sparkley so  I think that sets the scene for a good day anyway. Plus I hadnt lost anything! The looks were incredible, Sharon did a demo for everyone to learn the look and then everyone got to work.

I think the photos speak for themselves but over all my first experience of LFW was a true mix of emotions. At times I wanted the ground to swallow me up but other times I felt like I was totally in my heaven. The combination of everyones work together really did create on both shows a beautiful production and cant wait for more seasons!