YUMMY MUMMIES- Top makeup tips

HEYYYYYY Yummy mummies! Or anyone who wants tips on creating a makeup look quickly when there is limited time...

At times it may feel as though you just don't have the time to make yourselves look and feel the way you used to before your little munchkins joined you! But fear not, I have the answer to make you look and feel fabulous. In just 5 mins....providing there isn't a sick/poo incident! Here are my top essential products for a quick makeup look!

Before you start your makeup, there are a few things you should take into consideration. Have you cleansed your face this morning? It can become a bad habit to reapply makeup onto skin that hasn't been washed, and I don't mean grabbing one of the baby wipes and rubbing franticly over your face! A good skincare routine can make the world of difference to your perhaps, sleepy skin, so do contact me for more information on a quick, easy and simple routine to slip into your morning and evening to bring your skin back to life. (Blog coming soon) 

Once thats all sorted, we can start the quick and simple makeup tips. Firstly, figure out your two must haves. Is it your eye liner and brows? Mascara and foundation? Your shadow and lipstick? On days when you don't even have 5 minutes pick them only, it will help you feel productive and look and feel better! On days when you have that extra 4 mins, to do the rest heres my tips! If you need some extra help, I offer lessons, where I will teach you what you need for your face, and which products will enhance your natural beauty, and which ones you can miss out on manic mornings! 

Time is of the essence. Little monkey chops is having a quick nap, or is currently on a calm 5 min rest before the mad half hour kicks in. Additionally, if the rascal is having a tantrum, this is easy to do in-between screams...To save time, do your eyes first. If your using a shadow of any colour they tend to drop down onto your cheeks. If you do your eyes last you then run the risk of having unwanted pigment on your cheek, this then ruins all your hard work when you wipe it off!

Dark circles, or puffy eyes, we all suffer from this! One of my most asked about worries from both men and women! Sadly, its hereditary mainly, so cures don't really exists. We can however disguise and reduce puffiness. Admittedly we don't have half an hour every morning to sit with cucumbers on our eyes...we do however, have 0.05 seconds to apply a Soothing Eye Gel. With cucumber and Mallow extract it hydrates the skin, Whirl that quickly under the eye and massage it in. Leave for a few moments, then apply your moisturiser. For the purple tones under the eye, add a orangey based creamy concealer, my fave is Erase Paste from Benefit. For more of a brown under eye, use more of a yellowy tone, Urban Decay concealers are the bomb! 

OR if you want to just skip the concealer and jump straight to the base, and use a medium to high coverage foundation this will cover your dark circles for you and allow you to skip a step! My favourite, the one I use on all my client, no matter what there skin tone/type, is Perfecting Liquid Foundation. I use this on my clients because it means I only need to use little or no concealer! Its not cakey and feedback has been "it doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything, its so light" but gives you that coverage we want! Alternatively my ultimate fave, for a lighter application, is the CC cream, lighter than a fountain but more coverage than a tinted moisturiser! 

Please see before and after images below where I have used either the CC cream or Foundation on my clients and the concealers mentioned! 

Carrying about a powder with you is essential, it originally sets your foundation/cc cream, and it great for touch ups throughout the day if your running about getting a bit sweaty betty! There are tons of types of powders, but a good compact is easiest! If you have got the time add a touch of blusher, or use a pink lipstick dabbed on to stain your cheeks to give you a youthful and fresh look! 

A good mascara can do wonders to tiered eyes. By applying the mascara to the outer corners of the eye it will open them up so you appear more awake! To finish your look off, use a moisturising lip stick/gloss. My favourite lip treatment has to be 8 hour cream by Elizabeth Arden, perfect handbag essential and great for the kids crusty noses/cracked skin and of course for making YOUR lips look gorgeous, and stop your lips from cracking from no sleep!!

If your feeling a bit glam,  A lipstick can completely ulter your makeup look, mix it up, use a bright or dark colour to mix up your everyday looks! If you dabb the excess with a tissue your less likely to have it smeared over your cheek by your little terror, it creates more of a stain to the lip!  

Im now offering makeup/hair lessons where I tailor the lesson to suit your wants and needs, face shape and skin type! Contact me for more information on lessons/appointments! 

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Look forward to hearing from you soon! <3 x