AW16 Makeup Trends

I can't believe summer is over, I'm grasping onto the very last of summer with my final summer holiday booked for the closing parties in Ibiza.However, it feels bizarre thinking about what bikini I'm going to take whilst prepping for autumn and thinking about Halloween! 

Anyway, thought id try and remove my summer brain for now and kick AW16 off with a trend update.

AW16 LFW was so much fun, with some amazing looks, The hype is unreal and buzz is amazing!

It was a beautiful season, and here are my top makeup trendz init...

Pat McGrath -Valentino

Pat McGrath -Valentino

This season were looking at bringing sexy back, au-natural. Pure skin, which usually rocks the summer season is being bought into the winter gloom! Iridescent powder was used by Pat McGrath, for Valentino on the cheekbones, cupid bow and eyelids to create the freshest of skin. So if your wanting to be trendy girls, get rid of the double fact, get rid of the concrete face slap anyway, it doesn't let your skin breathe!


Peter phillips -Dior

Peter phillips -Dior

Peter Phillips created a devine makeup look for Dior. OMG. Just look. The spikes lashes are a trend which Vivienne Westwood and Jason Wu also incorporated into their looks. Will defiantly be getting some of these bad boys for my kit! Looks fab with a nude lip or for an evening out...just copy Peter Phillips himself...gorge!

Topshop Unique

One of my fave looks, described by Vogue as the "You be You" look is the expression individuality. So rather than having all the models makeup/hair in unison, having it tailored to the individual and their look. Which in day to day life is exactly what we do! A LOOK THAT CAN SUIT EVERYONE! Designers literally mixed up the looks to suit each girl. Topshop Unique were a mix between a nude or magenta lip. Pat McGrath at Victoria Beckham mixed between a khaki eye and bold red lip. Glitter and sporty were alternated between for Burberry...yes good old burbs had glitter.....

Glitter life is here to stay...I only know one person who doesn't like glitter...and thats a bloke. He is very passionate about hating glitter...I will convert him, don't you worry! His reasoning is that it gets everywhere, and stays everywhere for weeks..three weeks after wearing it its still lurking about. Little shine on your ear, pillow still glistening, glittery dust falling everywhere. Personally I think it enhances the transition into unicorn life that were all destined to be in..except when it somehow creeps into my non-glitter makeup brushes....NOT FUN. 

If I could work every fashion week on only one show it would be on the Ashish shows...Not only is it completely and utterly beautiful and full of sassy fun, backstage there is the most wonderful happy vibe. And for me that made the experience. AW16 was filled with huge glittery afros...A look I would die to rock every day! 

Finally, a look which is a lot more realistic to wear running into Tescos to pick up your weekly goods, the berry lip. The deepest, glossiest, dramatic look which was created by Louis Vuitton and Dior.

Ive been working for Maybelline the last few days for their new range. Maybelline are one of the biggest sponsers for LFW, I'm familiar with the products from the previous seasons. They have a gorgeous collection of purple/berry colours which I swatched so you can have a mooch at the gorgeousness of the range! AND AFFORDABLE!

This blackcurrant lip with those spikey lashes mentioned previously, with a glitter puddle under the eye, perfected natural skin, all created with your own twist and a glitter afro......mate, your be so AW16...

or a bit too try hard...

Maybe just pick one! 

Love ABK x