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Makeover Giveaway!!


With only one month left of the summer I thought I'd treat you all with a little summer finale competition! 

Win a total makeover including:
💋skincare advice
💋individual lashes
💋makeup & hair tips and tricks
& all in the luxury of @thevuexperience
For a chance to win just;
1. Post this picture onto your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page!
2. Tag 2 friends!
3. #abkgiveaway @abkmakeup so I can find you to award you your prize!!!
4. And obvs follow @abkmakeup on all social media accounts for more chances! 

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Makeup Lessons & Tutorials

I don't know about you but before I trained to become a makeup artist, walking into a makeup shop or somewhere like Debenhams or House of Fraser beauty department, at times it could be very intimidating! 

A friend of mine recently told me a story about when she went into one of the department stores for a new foundation. The girl who offered to help her choose made her feel so intimidated and embarrassed as she didn't know at all what she was looking for at all. My friend was told that she needed about 5 products to revamp her makeup bag, and spent a small fortune on products she never used again. The girl didn't show her techniques on how to apply the products so when she arrived home, she was just as clueless about everything she had brought as when she entered the shop. I asked her why she didn't return the products and she said she didn't want to have to face going into another one of these makeup stores again! 

This story along with the fact that so many people have recently told me that they find they do the same makeup look day in and day out, and are scared or don't know how to change up there look! So I have created my ABK Makeup Lessons whereby we work together to create any look desired!

✨One on one tutorials or small groups available(2-max4)

✨Bring your own makeup bag and I will help you create a look with what is already in your bag rather than selling you bits you don't need! If there is something missing in your bag which I then will look into my kit for, advice on what to buy will be given to you 💋

  ✨No pressure to buy products like in a makeup shop!

✨Gift cards available soon, great gift for friends and family, girlfriends and side chicks! 

✨Bridal lessons available/bridal party (ask for quote)

✨Top tricks and tips to enhance your natural beauty or achieved that glam look. Hair tips available too for additional price 💋

✨Choose a look you want to be able to achieve at home, then step by step advice will be given

✨Advice on what suits your skin tone, features and for the event your attending

✨Advice on skincare

✨Pick to be more practical or observant in the way you learn to ensure you get the most out of your lesson! (I do half of your face, you do the other, or we write notes whilst I do each step for you to recreate at home) 

✨ Before and after photos and notes on the look achieved, which will be sent to you.  

✨Top advice straight from this seasons runway, London fashion week  

✨A whole hour (sometimes a bit longer 🙈) dedicated to you and what you want to achieve in a one on one experience in a private luxury location @thevuexperience 💕 

Testimonials from some who have had a lesson recently!

"Alice completely changed my outlook on makeup! I used to be stuck in my ways and do the same old routine, same old colours. I opted for a more subtle evening look and Alice showed me how to achieve this in quick time, using tones I wasn't used to wearing, I looked so much younger!"

"Thankyou so much, I loved my easy step guide to looking gorgeous. I felt so welcome and relaxed, especially after the prosecco! Your advice on how to utilise my makeup bag was so refreshing and I really enjoyed my hour! Will be buying this as gifts for all my friends!"

"I chose a glamour look for an evening as I have never really been able to achieve a smokey eye...I always look like a panda! Thanks for showing me how to not look like a panda and how to create more of a sexy look! Haha xx"



Discounted price for a limited time only when you quote  "ABKmakeup lesson "

You get all this for just £25! & if you refer a friend you will receive £10 off your NEXT makeup /hair appointment!!

💋Bridal and bridal party lessons available (message for quote) & Group tutorials!

For information on appointments or how to book:


🐥 @abkmakeup  

📲 07837606746


Can't wait to meet you! Xx